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Control & Automation

Our Control & Automation System Engineering group is a forward thinking team, continually working to improve our current offering to bring you state of the art automation for your process equipment.

Some features we can offer:

    1. Smart Skids (Ethernet or Profinet Based Interconnection/Reduction in Install Costs and Downtime Due to Rework or Errors/Digitization of Process Data and Maintenance Information)
    2. Remote Connectivity (LAN or 4G LTE) (Reduced Travel Costs and Downtime/Time to Commissioning/Future Expandability and Updates in Age of Data and Security)
    3. Windows PC Based
    4. Default Audit/Alarm/Process Data Collection to SQL via Rockwell Factorytalk
    5. Reporting Tools built in (Not tied to specific HMI platform so cost can be reduced over time/IT department can support so Controls/Automation engineers not necessary)
    6. Scalable and Transferrable without complicated rework to electrical systems or facility assets. Again reducing overall lifetime cycle cost.
    7. Configurable and Adjustable HMI and Process Templates.

Our Control & Automation System Engineering group will work closely with your team to bring you the best solution for your process.