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Our History

Our story is unique and blends a rich history of leadership and innovation to bring our customers the Hebeler of today

Hebeler has been delivering engineered mechanical solutions, from modular systems to custom high alloy components, for companies large and small, in diverse industries from power generation and chemicals to food and pharmaceuticals for nearly 100 years.  Through several targeted acquisitions Hebeler has expanded the solution offerings and manufacturing capabilities for customers.

In 2016, Hebeler Holdings, LLC acquired Buflovak and Patterson Kelly (PK) – two internationally recognized product lines, as well as offering custom process solutions and will offer a new realm of custom manufacturing capabilities.

Buflovak has its origins from the merger of two small manufacturing companies in Buffalo, New York USA over 100 years ago. In 1902 the David Bell Engineering Works and The Buffalo Foundry Company merged and created the Buffalo Foundry and Machine Company. The company evolved into a specialist in the design and manufacture of double drum dryers, vacuum dryers, evaporators, vacuum pumps, condensers, and receivers. Several years after the merger, the “Buflovak” trade name was coined to encompass the company’s vacuum process equipment and was an abbreviation for “Buffalo Vacuum Equipment”.

From 1902 the company prospered and went on to pioneer new technologies, patented proprietary equipment and developed pioneering fabrication of high alloy materials. In 1945 the company was acquired by the Blaw Knox Corporation and renamed Blaw Knox Food and Chemical Equipment Division. The “Buflovak” trade name was expanded to encompass a variety of equipment including drum and rotary flakers and dryers, and modular evaporators.

In 2004 the company name was changed to Buflovak, LLC to leverage the name recognition and reputation Buflovak enjoys with our customers.

The Patterson Kelley Company originated in 1880 as a heat transfer equipment manufacturer in Brooklyn, NY. Patterson Kelley Process Equipment division began in 1949 with the development and introduction to the market of the Twin Shell Dry Blending System. Over the next 25 years additional innovations were introduced, including a variety of blenders, dryers and granulators that operated in both batch and continuous modes. In 1974, the Patterson family sold the business to the Harsco Corporation.

In 2010, Buflovak purchased the Patterson Kelley Process Equipment division from Harsco Corporation to expand Buflovak’s process equipment line to incorporate blending and drying of powders. In 2011, the company was re-branded to Buflovak PK to reflect the integration of the two companies into one entity.

In 2019, Howard Marten Process Systems joined the Hebeler group of companies, bringing with them a specialized engineering team focused in the markets of Power Generation, Mining and Oil and Gas.